Woven Jacquard Collars

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Beautiful intricate variegated woven Jacquard trims with many unique designs from around the world.  The woven Jacquard collar fabric is wrapped over a ballistic core webbing and finished with a rich whisper soft satin lining that is non-abrasive to the dog’s neck, does not gather dog hair and will not embrace strong doggie odors.

Martingale K-9 designer dog collars are a contemporary fashion for Greyhounds, Whippets, Saluki, all Sighthounds and other furry dog friends.  All collars are adjustable for a wide range of dog neck sizes and made in the USA.

All Martingale collars are a Humane Safety Collar using 2 fabric loops, a metal “D” ring for a leash and 3 metal sliders.  The fabric loops permit neck sizing adjustment & leash control. The dog cannot slip out of a Martingale collar when adjusted correctly. A collar adjustment is accurate if you can barely slide 2 fingers under the collar while on the dogs’ neck.

Add Swarovski Crystals to your Woven Jacquard Collar.  Crystals are perfectly selected and individually seated on each collar for maximum style and brilliance.