Stool Guards for Large & Small Basket Muzzles for Greyhound & Other Dogs

Stool Guards are for Greyhound muzzles and help solve undesirable eating or licking behavior.   Prevents eating rocks, poo or other undesirable substance. Keeps from licking healing wounds. Allows to drink water or other liquids.

  1. Stool guard for Kennel muzzles (large standard basket) fit inside the muzzle cage and is attached with 2 zip ties.
  2. Stool guard for Kennel muzzles (small basket) fit outside the muzzle cage attached with 2 zip ties.
  3. The Gold Colored Basket muzzle is not sized to accept installation of a Greyhound stool guard.  The muzzle has a removable double nose piece to keep from licking healing wounds and undesirable substance. The inner nose piece is removal allowing for extra length.
  4. K-9 Designs muzzles and stool guards are humane safe, durable made from vinyl plastic material for Greyhounds and other Dog Breeds.  Stool Guards are non-returnable when shipped.

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