Greyhound Running Hound Magnets - (12" long - set of 2 left & right)

Running Hound Greyhound / Whippet Designer vehicle magnets. We use an industrial grade magnet stock in thickness of approximately .030 - .040. Car magnets wear well for usage on outside vehicle body doors and parts in all types of weather. Magnets will only work on steel parts.
Height Size - 12" long x 3" Tall)

 NOTE: Some vehicles have plastic, aluminum or fiberglass body parts. Be certain to check prior to ordering magnets.

We suggest removal of car magnets when washing vehicle and/or prior to entering an automatic car washing facility. 
Magnets left on a vehicle for an extended period of time will build up dirt around the magnets. This will leave a tracing of the magnet area on the vehicle body finish. Removing the magnet image from the vehicle doors will require cleaning and re-waxing to remove the tracing.

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