Greyhound Running Hound Magnets - (22" & 18" Long - Set of 2 Left & Right)

Running Hound Greyhound / Whippet Designer vehicle magnets. We use an industrial grade magnet stock in thickness of approximately .030 - .040. Car magnets wear well for usage on outside vehicle body doors and parts in all types of weather. Magnets will only work on steel parts.
Size Height - 4" Tall) 

1.  Black (Black 22" long in stock)
2.  Gold  ( Gold 22" long Sold Out) (Gold 18" Long  in Stock)
3.  White (1 Set 22" in Stock) (White 18" not available)
4.  Silver  (Silver 22" Sold Out) (Silver 18" not available)

Some vehicles have plastic, aluminum or fiberglass body parts. Be certain to check prior to ordering magnets.
We recommend removal of car magnets when washing vehicle and/or prior to entering an automatic car washing facility.  Magnets left on a vehicle for an extended period of time will create a tracing GH image on a car body.  Removing the magnet image from the vehicle doors will require cleaning and re-waxing those areas.

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