Greyhound & Other Dog Kennel Muzzle Security Strap

Muzzle Security Strap Description and Installation:
If your dog can aggressively remove a standard Vinyl Plastic Kennel muzzle; you may want to order an adjustable Muzzle Security belt.  Colors match GH Kennel muzzles.
Strap Colors: (Indicate color selection w/ order)  Black, Blue, Red, Green, Pink, Purple, Gold & White
Instructions for Security Buckle Belt Installation:  The small loop on the security strap belt feeds through the regular muzzle strap.  Then wrap the strap around the dog's collar and secure with the strap buckle.   Excess security strap; if desired may be cut off when adjusted.  After cutting the strap to the desired size carefully seal the strap cut edge with a "Bic" lighter or match to avoid the strap from fraying.  Security straps non-returnable when shipped.  Made in USA  

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