Greyhound & All Dog Breed Kennel Muzzle (LONGER HEAD STRAP) Black, Blue, Red Colors

 Greyhound and all Dog Breed Kennel Muzzle (Larger size with Longer Head Strap) Sized for dogs with 2.5" to 4" long noses and large heads.
Average dog's weight for this muzzle 60 to 110 lbs. 
Muzzle Design & Application:   Restricts aggressive behavior.  Allows drinking liquids and exercising.  Install a muzzle Stool Guard to stop from licking healing wounds and eating undesirable substances. The muzzle is made from flexible vinyl plastic; which is non-abrasive and non-restrictive.  Made in USA.
1. Stool Guard:  Available for dogs intent on eating  poo, rocks, etc.  The stool guard is placed inside the muzzle on standard size basket muzzles.  On small basket muzzles the stool guard is attached outside. Stool guards are firmly attached to the muzzle with 2 zip-ties with the order.
2.   Safety Strap:  Available for aggressive dogs that are able to remove the muzzle.  The safety strap is attached to the muzzle and the dog's collar.
3.  Click here  Greyhound & all Dogs Step by step instructions for correct muzzle sizing.   Measure carefully.   Muzzles are non-returnable when shipped

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