Greyhound & Other Dog Kennel Muzzle - (Med/Large Basket) Green (SOLD OUT)

Greyhound & Other Dog Friendly Large Kennel Muzzle:  Sized for Greyhounds and other dogs with 3" to 4" long noses.. The standard large size muzzle is attached with an adjustable 18" long head strap.  The Green muzzle includes a felt top padded nose cushion.  GREEN MUZZLE TEMPORARILY SOLD OUT.

The average dog's weight for this muzzle is from 60 to 75 lbs.  
Muzzle Design & Application:   Restricts aggressive behavior.  Allows drinking liquids and exercising.  Install a muzzle Stool Guard to stop from licking healing wounds and eating undesirable substances. The adjustable head strap is 18" long.  The muzzle is made from flexible vinyl plastic; which is non-abrasive and non-restrictive.  Made in USA.
1.   Stool Guard:  Available for dogs intent on eating  poo, rocks, etc.  Place stool guard on med/large baskets inside the muzzles.  Place stool guard outside on small basket muzzles. Firmly attach to the muzzle with 2 zip-ties supplied with the order.
 2. Safety Strap:  Available for aggressive dogs that are able to remove the muzzle.  The safety strap is attached to the muzzle and the dog's collar.
 3. Click here  Greyhound & all Dogs Muzzle: (Step by step instructions for correct muzzle sizing)  Please > Measure Carefully:  Muzzles are non-returnable when shipped.

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