Greyhound & Other Dog Friendly Kennel Muzzle (Stn Large Basket) Gold

Greyhound & Other Dog Friendly Large Kennel Muzzle:  Sized for Greyhounds and other dogs with 3" to 4" long noses.. The standard large size muzzle is attached with an adjustable 18" long head strap. The average dog's weight for this muzzle is from 60 to 120 lbs. 
Measure for the correct size :  
A. Head Strap length > Start 1" below the eyes using a flexible tape.  Measure up around the ear and over to the other ear.  Finish down to 1" below the other eye. Your measurement -18" or shorter. 
BMuzzle length > 4” long inside.  
Circumference open side > 14” and tapers toward the nose. 
D. Hot Link > Click below for additional detailed sizing information.
Muzzle Design & Application:   Restricts aggressive behavior.  Allows drinking liquids and exercising.  Install a muzzle Stool Guard to stop from licking healing wounds and eating undesirable substances. The muzzle is made from flexible vinyl plastic; which is non-abrasive and non-restrictive.  Made in USA.
 1.   Stool Guard, is available for dogs intent on eating  poo, rocks, etc.  The stool guard is placed inside the muzzle on stn large muzzles and placed on the outside of smaller basket sized muzzles. The stool guard is attached to the muzzle with 2 zip-ties furnished with the order.
2.   Safety Strap  is available for aggressive dogs that are able to remove the muzzle.  The safety strap       attaches to the muzzle and the dog's collar.
3.  Click Basket gold color muzzles available for dogs with a nose length of 2" - 3" long.
4.  Click here for Complete Greyhound Kennel Muzzle sizing guide for nose length of 3" - 4" long.
Muzzles are non-returnable after the order is shipped:  A muzzle can be exchanged (one time)  within 5 days after shipment for a different size. We request payment for all incurred shipping cost.  Contact us for a RMA (Return Material Authorization) number and return shipping instructions.

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