Alpine Fleece Dog Coat w/ Snood > Multi-color Designs

 INFORMATION:  Please provide "Coat size measurements" below for K-9 Designs to custom tailor the correct coat sizing for your dog.  Upgrades to larger dog coats and smaller dog coats may have nominal changes in design & slightly different colors not pictured below.  
Reflective Tape for front and back of coat  available for $10.00 additional

 Enter your dog measurements on the order form in "ORDER NOTES" box: 

   Click hot link for >Coat Sizing Guidelines and Instruction Chart                   
                        (Use Abbreviations to enter data)
                < Example. A. NT = 26" : B. Girth = 29" ; Etc. >
A. NT     -    Base of Neck to Tail ending 1"before start of tail.
B. Girth   -  Measure around the widest part of the dogs chest.
C. Neck   -  Measure around the neck at the collar area.
D. Weight - Approximate weight in pounds.
E. Breed   -  Indicate name of Breed (Male or Female)  
                    a. If mixed breed please indicate type of dog mix.
                    b. If the dog has an upright tail; we will shorten the coat rear sides. We will tailor a contoured rear pattern area based on the upright tail. 
F. Leash/Harness - Indicate Leash or Harness Opening
                    a. Leash opening is centered at base of neck
                    b. Harness opening is centered 4" from base of neck  
The Alpine Dog Coat with attached Snood will be unmatched in keeping your dog cozy warm. The Alpine coat is water resistant, breathable and outstanding for a wide range of dog activities including parades and other events.  Custom Tailored in USA 

The Alpine Coat is custom hand-tailored for Greyhound, Whippet, Saluki, Poodle and other canines.  The stylish design is full body length with attached snood. The snood can be adjusted to any head size; allowing the head & ears to be cozy warm. The snood can also be rolled up to feature a Turtle-neck design. The Alpine coat is easy on & off. A  harness opening located 4" back from the base of the neck (replacing the leash opening) is available at no extra charge. Request "Harness Opening" on the order form NOTE box. Reflective accents are available at no charge. Request "Reflective Accents" on the order form Note box.

Easy Care: Wash garment separately. Close Velcro girth attachment (Velcro collects lint unless closed when washing and drying). Machine Wash, delicate setting. Tumble dry, low heat cycle.

Returns: All custom tailored dog apparel is non-returnable when the order is placed into production.   Coat design upgrades & colors may be slightly different than the featured coat, as shown.

NOTE:  Snow Leopard & Vanderbilt Fleece Sold Out