Big Squawker

The Field Squawker is an amazing call that will retrieve your Greyhound with only a few "honks" from the accordion type bellows. The call features a variable pitch reed to imitate the distress cries of a rabbit. A must for every Greyhound owner.


CALLING DIRECTIONS: Grasp the "Big Squawker" over the rubber tipped bellows end. Then cup your hand over the open wood-end and operate the bellows with an accordion type hand movement. You will create a number of varied sounds like a small animal in hiding. Your Greyhound will almost always turn around and head back to where you are standing. The big squawker is used predominantly for an emergency "call back" when lure coursing, or running loose by accident in open or enclosed large fields. Overall length 10" x 2" in diameter with the bellows compressed. Note: We have an optional  "Lil Squawker" (due to its compact size) and commonly used when walking or running with your leashed Greyhound.


Effective range of the Big Squawker is approximately 300 yards. (Estimated distance of a baseball field)


CAUTION: Use the squawker only for emergencies. Your hound will not respond to the sound if used on a regular "fun game" type basis.

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