Gold/Tan Color Basket Type Muzzle for Short / Long Nose Snouts & large Heads

Gold colored basket muzzle>  For dogs other than Greyhounds with 2" to 4" short or long snouts (noses) and large heads.  Ideal for dogs with aggressive behavior. Helps with stopping undesirable eating habits. Made in Italy.
Other Muzzles: Greyhound Muzzles>  Ideal for dog's with long nose snouts and small/narrow heads
Muzzle Design:  The adjustable humane pet friendly plastic muzzle is non-restrictive and adaptable for canines weighing on an average of 8 to 140 lbs. The muzzle has an inner removable nose guard and when removed adds (3/8" - 1/2") extra length inside the muzzle.  Note: Removal of the inner nose guard will not restrict undesirable eating habits. Separate Stool Guard not
Please Measure carefully:  Basket Muzzles are non-returnable when shipped.
For muzzle sizing questions

Gold Color specifications Guide-line Chart:  
 (a) Size       (b) Inside   (c) Add With  (d) Diameter (e) Strap Lgth
      [ # ]          [Length]       [Guard Out]      [Inside]         [Overall]
        2              1 5/8"                3/8"           6-1/2"               11"
       3               2-1/2"                1/2"           7-1/2"               11.5"
       4               2-5/8"                1/2"           8-1/2"               12"
       5               3-1/4"                 1/2"           9-1/2"              14"
       6               3-3/4"                1/2"           10-1/2"             15"
       7                3-7/8"               1/2"           11-1/2"             16"
       8                4-3/8"               1/2"           12-1/2"             18"
       9                5"                     1/2"           13-1/2"              19" <SOLD OUT
      10               5-3/4"               1/2"           14-1/2"              21"

Gold Colored Muzzle Sizing Guide: (Step by step instructions using a fabric tape measure)  Please measure carefully.  Muzzles are non-returnable when shipped.   
A. Muzzle should rest 0.50 to 1.00 inches below the base of the eyes and allow a minimum of 0.50 inches clearance from the end of the nose to inside the basket.
B. Measure around the nose circumference starting 0.50 inches under the eyes.
C. Measure for the adjustable strap length needed to hold the muzzle in place. Start at 0.50 inches under one eye. Measure up and around the ears to 0.50 inches under the other eye.
D. Select a muzzle size number from the chart above. Option: Add info on order form “Note” Box:
(a) Size (b) Lgth __ inches  (2) Circumference __ inches.  (3) Head Strap __ inches.

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