Dog Gold Basket Muzzle for all Short or Large diameter Noses

Gold colored basket muzzle for dogs with 2" to 4" long short or large diameter noses:  Ideal for dogs with aggressive behavior and aids in stopping undesirable eating habits. The muzzle is adjustable and available in ten (10) different gold color sizes.  (Refer to Greyhound muzzles for dog's with long and narrow type noses)

Muzzle Design:  The humane pet friendly vinyl plastic muzzle is non-restrictive and adaptable for canines weighing on an average of 8 to 140 lbs. The muzzle has an inner removable nose guard and when removed adds 0.50 and 0.75 inches to the muzzle length.  Note: Removal of the inner nose guard will not restrict undesirable eating habits. Made in Italy

CLICK live link> (here)  Basket Muzzle sizing guide:  Instructions for  "step by step" directions to measure a dog's nose size accurately.

Basket muzzles: Can be exchanged (one time)  within 5 days after shipment for a for a different size. We request your payment for shipping cost.  Email us for a RMA (Return Material Authorization) number and return shipping instructions

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