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 The Alpine fleece dog coat with Turtle Neck is outstanding for Cold and Moderately Wet Weather. The dog coat is  cozy warm, weather resistant, breathable and outstanding during a wide range of dog activities.  Made in USA.

The Alpine Coat with Turtle Neck is custom hand-tailored for Greyhound, Whippet, Saluki, Poodle and other canines.  The coat design is body length with an attractive accented Turtle-neck that can be rolled up or down. The Alpine coat is easy on and off.  A harness opening located 4" back from the base of the is available at no extra charge.  Request "Harness Opening" in the order form  "NOTE" box.

 Easy Care: Wash garment separately. Close Velcro girth attachment (Velcro collects lint unless closed when washing and drying). Machine Wash, delicate setting. Tumble dry, low heat cycle.

Returns: All custom tailored dog apparel is non-returnable when the order is placed into production. Coat design upgrades may be slightly different than the featured coat, as shown.

Click for:  Coat Sizing Guidelines and Instruction Chart 

NOTE: Additional coat measurements required to confirm average size coat information.  Enter data on the order form in "ORDER NOTES" box: 
 (Reference - Use web site picture illustration on "Coat Sizing" )  
                       (Use Abbreviations to enter data)
                < Example. A. NT = 26" : B. Girth = 29" ; Etc >
A. NT     -    Base of Neck to Tail ending 1"before start of tail.
B. Girth   -  Measure around the widest part of the dogs chest.
C. Neck   -  Measure around the neck at the collar area.
D. Weight - Approximate weight in pounds.
E. Breed  -  Type of dog.  (If mixed breed please indicate)

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