Shipping & Return Terms and Conditions


Inventory Products: In stock inventory products ship within 2 to 5 business business days.

Custom Tailored Products: Designer collars, Leashes, Coats, etc. are  custom made and non-returnable when shipped.  To make and ship a custom tailored order is approximately 10 - 12 business days (Not including weekends) after receipt of order. Detailed customer information regarding the order can be posted on the order "comments section".  Designer collars are not recommended for dog's everyday "rough & tumble" yard play.  For everyday outdoor play; we recommend our Webbing Style  "everyday tough high tensile collar" for playing in the yard with other dogs, etc. 

Catalog Color Selections:  Please note computer monitors all vary to the degree of any product color selections. Also, due to manufacturer "Dye-Lot" color changes in color materials; we are unable to guarantee website colors will be exactly the same color shown on our website.  Email us if you want a specific product exact color and/or questions about collar or other product colors.

Shipments to USA destinations:   We acknowledge shipping "Tracking Numbers" by USPS or FedEx when orders are shipped. Domestic delivery generally runs 2 - 3  business days. 

International Deliveries:  Export orders are shipped by FedEx or USPS. Destination deliveries are generally delivered within 3 - 7 business days. All Global Countries have different import/export regulations; which may or may-not effect carrier delivery schedules.  Ask for shipping prices prior to ordering.  Shipping savings possible

International Duty, Tax & Shipping Charges:   K-9 Designs use (FedEx or USPS) transportation shipping charge. Other costs can include:  Customs, Duty, Local Tax and/or other export charges are the consignee responsibility.   A transportation surcharge may be possible for carrier fuel and/or out of normal delivery routes. NOTE: We are unable to find a common shipping charge to Australia and New Zealand due to the vast location of people and business.  Expect  to pay a shipping surcharge above our listed export shipping cost.  




(Insured and Tracking Delivery)

Total Order Amount

Shipping Rate

  Domestic Shipping 10.85

  $78.99 - $120.00


$120.01 - $386.00.


CANADA (All Zip Code Destinations)

Total Order Amount

Shipping Rate

$60.00 and Under


$60.01 - $150.00


$150.01 - $285.00


$285.01 - $692


 ALL OTHER INTERNATIONAL LOCATIONS  (See zip code exceptions above)

Total Order Amount

Shipping Rate

$60.00 and Under


$60.01 - $150.01


$150.01 - $659.01

$ 179.00

$659.01 - $2800.00

Contact us for rate

REQUEST FOR RETURN ORDER: Custom tailored collars, Leashes, Coats are non-returnable when an order is placed into production. Fabric or tailoring errors are possible exceptions. We will only accept notification by email and within 5 days after delivery receipt of the shipped order. An approved request for a "Return Request" must be returned back to us within 1 week after return approval using a RMA # (Return Material Authorization) for return.  We will issue return instructions with our RMA number approval. 

Non-custom in stock merchandise may be considered for return based on restocking, handling and shipping return expense.  We must be notified by email within 5 days after receipt of delivery.  Sale items are non-returnable.  Returned merchandise must have a RMA and Transportation Carrier tracking number. Approved RMA return merchandise must be in-route within 1 week after approval and in new, resalable, not used condition.    

 We cannot accept responsibility for returned goods “lost or mislabeled”.  Approved RMA  “return merchandise” must have a tracking number emailed to us when shipped. 


We ship all products with an order transportation carrier tracking number. We make every effort the shipping information is as you ordered. We cannot be responsible for lost, missing shipments or wrong addresses. If tracking and delivery information indicates the package was delivered to the specified address, as ordered; we cannot be held responsible. 


We use only quality fabrics and materials available from reputable manufacturers and suppliers.  All products are tested and checked to the limits of our capability.  Occasionally, a product may have a flaw, defect or used beyond the limits of the product.  For example; designer dog collars are for dogs that are well mannered that will not chew up his/her leash or collar. 

We make every effort to accurately publish pricing and description of all products listed in our catalog.  A price error or possible erroneous product information (beyond our control) may occasionally happen.  In the event we have posted a wrong price, or the item description is not clear; it is our policy to provide you with corrected information.  You have the option to review, accept or cancel your order with a full refund.