Basket Muzzle Sizing

A dog’s nose or snout consists of the nose, mouth and jaw of the dog. The correct muzzle sizing is extremely important.  The gold basket muzzle is ideal for dogs with short noses or large diameter noses. (Refer to Greyhound muzzles for dogs with long and narrow noses)

Basket muzzles are excellent for dogs that desire to eat undesirable substance and licking healing wounds. Superb for resisting aggressive behavior.  The basket muzzle has an inner removable nose piece that acts as a “guard” to prevent a canine from eating rocks, dirt, poo, etc. If the inner nose piece is removed; this will add 1/2" to 3/4 inch inside the muzzle length; but deletes eating nasty stuff.  Sized correctly the muzzle allows your dog to drink liquids and exercise normally. Made in Italy using humane friendly vinyl plastic.

Muzzle Selection:

Muzzle Inside Circumference Remove Inner Basket Head Strap
Size # Length Inside Diameter   Add Extra Inches        Length -Inches
2 2.00 in    6.5 inches 0.00      11
3 2.25 “    7.50    “ 0.50      11.5
4 2.125”    8.50    “ 0.50      12
5 2.375”    9.50    “ 0.50      14
6 2.625   10.50   “ 0.50      15
7 2.875   11.50   “ 0.50      16
8 3.00   12.50   “ 0.50      18
9 3.25   13.50   “ 0.50      19
10 4.00   14.50   “ 0.75      21

Muzzle Sizing Guide:

    1. Muzzle should rest 0.50 to 1.00 inches below the base of the eyes and allow a minimum of 0.50 inches clearance from the end of the nose to inside the basket.
    2. Measure the nose circumference starting 0.50 inches under the eyes and around the nose; using a fabric tape measure. Be certain this dimension is measured at the dog’s largest nose diameter snout (nose) area; just below the eyes.
    3. Next: Measure the adjustable strap length needed to hold the muzzle in place; using the fabric tape-measure.  Start at 0.50 inches under one eye and follow the tape up and around the ears to 0.50 inches under the other eye.
  • Gather all the measurements and select a basket muzzle size number from the chart above.  Confirm by providing us with your measurements on our order form> Customer “Note” Box: (Abbreviate)
    (1) Nose Lgth: __ in.  (2) Circumference: __ in.  (3)Head Strap: __ in.
    1. Finally: Please give us your dog’s weight. (indicate male or female) This will allow us to do a cross-sectional comparison (using our muzzle data base) based on the muzzle measurements you provide with the muzzle order.

    Basket Muzzle Cont. 2

    Sample basket muzzle sizing of average canine dogs:
    Mixed breed dogs and different size conformations will vary the sizing of muzzle.
    Canine Muzzle Size Canine Muzzle Size
    Basenji 5 Labrador 8
    Basset Hound 9 Papillion 2
    Beagle 6 Pointer 7
    Collie 6 Poodle – Toy 2
    Border Terrier 4 Poodle – Miniature 4
    Chow 8 Poodle – Standard 6
    Cocker 5 Rhodesian 8
    Corgi 4 Saluki 6
    Dachshund 3 Schnauzer – Small 4
    Fox Terrier 5 Schnauzer – Stn. 6
    German Shepherd 8 Springer Spaniel 7
    Irish Setter 8 Weimaraner 9
    Jack Russell 4 Whippet 4

    General Information

    1. Gold colored basket muzzle have a quick on and off feature with the “quick snap” connector.  First adjust the muzzle correctly and the quick connect connector is very easy to use.
    2. Aggressive dogs may be able to remove the muzzle with their paws. even if the muzzle is correctly sized.  Solution: Order our “safety collar” The collar will secure the muzzle in place using the quick release head strap connected to the safety collar.
    3. Removal of the inner basket attachment will allow the dog to eat undesirable nasty stuff.  Be certain to determine the muzzle usage prior to removing the inner basket.
    4. Greyhound “Stool Guards” will not fit the Gold Basket Muzzle.