About us


Our Story

We initially adopted rescued Greyhounds in 1995. Many collars and coats we purchased were made of poor craftsmanship and design. Collars would wear out or fall apart after a short period of time.

How Our Martingale Collars Are Better

We improved the "Quality" of these collar products by designing Humane Martingale dog collars; using 3 layer durable fabrics and hardware sewn on industrial sewing machines. That's what makes Martingale collars by K-9 Designs different from some other collar varieties sewn on home sewing machines and sometimes using less than standard quality fabrics and hardware.

All of our Martingale collars are custom designed and come in a variety of neck and width sizes, colors and prints. We are certain you will find one or more custom designer or everyday collars you and your dog will love!


Giving Back to the Community

A portion of sales are directed to support Greyhound, Whippet & other Dog Rescue Groups. 

How to Reach Us::  k-9designs@k-9designs.com