Woven Jacquard Martingale Collars for Greyhound and all Dogs

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Greyhound and all dog Martingale Woven Jacquard collars: Greyhound and all breeds are stunningly impressive and gorgeous in distinctive European fabrics and designs from our wonderful selection of vibrant outstanding colors. K-9 Designs collars are neck adjustable, safe, secure and durable. Made in  USA.
Martingale collars: are finished inside with whisper soft colorful satin linings. Satin is very comfortable on the dog's neck and superior for not collecting dog hair and machine washable, air dry. The core fabric is a tough, strong ballistic parachute webbing.  We use quality industrial thread and all collars are sewn on commercial sewing machines.
Click: on Hot Link for> Collar sizing Guidelines:  Directions to accurately measure your Dog's neck.  Email us for questions on dog neck sizing measurements. Collar orders are shipped within 7 to 14 working days ARO. Customer collar orders are non-refundable when order is processed to sewing production.
Swarovski Crystals:  The addition of crystals to a limited offering of Woven Jacquard collars provides an incomparable fashion statement. Swarovski Crystals are individually selected and perfectly seated on each collar for long wear and brilliance.