Swiss Velvet ID Tag Dog Collar 5/8" Width> Everglade

Swiss Velvet Tag (ID) Collars: Sized for Greyhound & All Dog Breeds. Swiss Velvet is gorgeous and distinctive in 20 beautiful vibrant colors in 5/8" width; brass or chrome Hardware. K-9 Designs Martingale Velvet Tag collars are soft, comfortable, safe, secure and neck adjustable for all dogs. 
Made in USA.

Collar Design: Martingale Tag Collar fabric outer and inside lining is double sided Velvet. Tag Collars do not have a "D" ring for a leash. They are used only for dog identification (ID) purpose only. Collars are sewn using strong industrial thread on commercial grade machines. Martingale collars are safe, secure, durable and dog neck adjustable.  Machine wash and air-dry. 

CLICK ON > Collar sizing guide: (Instructions to accurately measure a dog's neck)

Schedule: Tag Collars are custom tailored to your dog's neck sizing and ship within 7 to 14 working days.  Tag Collars are non-returnable when the order is processed and in sewing production. 

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