Greyhound & Other Dog (Small or Medium/Large Basket) Muzzles + Stool Guards

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  1. Greyhound Muzzle for all Dogs: Sized for dogs with 3" to 4" long snouts (noses) with small diameter heads.  Standard (large) or (smaller) basket sizes and 8 colors. 
  2. Longer Head Strap Muzzle: Standard GH type muzzle for dogs with larger heads.
  3. Greyhound Racing Muzzle:  Official track muzzle. One size; Black/White color.
  4. Gold Basket Muzzle:  For Dogs with 2" to 4" long snouts (noses) and large heads.
  5. Muzzle Design & Application:  A safe humane type muzzle made from Vinyl plastic that is non-abrasive and non-restrictive.  Designed to restrict aggressive behavior when playing with other dogs.  Allows drinking liquids and panting while exercising.
  6. Accessories: 
    aStool Guard:   Attaches to the front of a Greyhound muzzle with 2 zip ties. Keeps dogs from eating undesirable substance & restricts licking healing wounds.
    b.  Safety Strap:  Use for aggressive dogs that are able to remove a muzzle with their paws.  The safety strap is attached to the muzzle and the dog's collar.
  7. Muzzle Sizing Chart:  Step by step detailed instructions listed on each muzzle color selection for measuring and sizing a muzzle to fit your dog. 
  8. Please > Measure  carefully.  Muzzles are non-returnable when shipped