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 Designer Martingale Collars

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IMPORTANT ORDER INFORMATION >  To assure accurate collar sizing; we need data below in the "NOTE" order form box section when placing your order. 

1. BREED    ( Indicate if mixed)
2. GENDER (Male / Female)
3. WEIGHT  (Approximate)
4. NECK DIAMETER (See Measurement Chart)

SCROLL DOWN FOR SEASONS:  (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) 

SIZE & MEASUREMENT CHART: (Live Link) > here:  Martingale collars must be sized correctly to the dog's neck measurement.   If you are still unsure about the collar sizing for your pet; please email us for assistance.

CUSTOM TAILORING:  All Martingale Collars are "Custom Made" to your order instructions.  Collars are non-returnable when the order is entered into production. 

CONSTRUCTION: Seasonal Collar cottons are wrapped over a tough ballistic core webbing for strength. A whisper soft satin neck lining is non-abrasive to the dog's neck.  The satin inner lining is well suited to not gather dog hair and inclines to not embrace strong doggie odors.  Diverse hair and scents are obviously different for all dog breeds.  

COLLARS ARE ADJUSTABLE:  The Martingale collar is humanely sculptured to form 2 different sized loop rings.  The large neck loop is adjustable and a smaller loop is designed for behavior control when on on a leash during  "Meet & Greet" or other dog outings..

FABRIC COLOR UNIFORMITY:   Color shades vary on different computer monitors. Detailed data can be found in the (Live Link) > About Martingale Collars .

SHIPPING SCHEDULE:  We  ship within 7 to 14 working days after receipt of order.  Should you need a quicker delivery; please add comments in the "NOTE" box section when placing your order. We will try our best to accommodate your delivery requirement.