Greyhound Regulation Track Racing Muzzle

Regulation Size Greyhound Racing Muzzle. Buckle Adjustable. Designed for close tolerance on the face and fits against the nose of the racing Greyhound. Can be used for lure coursing. The  purpose is for "Photo Finish" races.  Race handlers use standard Greyhound  ribbed basket muzzles after a race to kennel the dogs during "turn-outs" and "play time".  Kennel and play Greyhound and other type basket muzzles are listed in our  muzzle page selections.   Made in USA

Not recommended for Turn-out, Play or long and extended wear.

The racing muzzle is one size and will fit most Greyhounds 50 - 80 lbs. (Other sizes not available).

Available in only one color (Black/White).

Racing Muzzles are Non-Returnable.

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