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Strong, durable, humane-safe custom made Martingale dog collars. All custom collars and coats made in the USA with industrial strength sewing machines

Welcome to K-Designs by Sharee. We specialize in strong, durable and humane-safe custom made Martingale collars and beautiful designer dog coats made especially for Greyhounds, Whippets and other Sighthound dog breeds  

We also sell a variety of dog related items such as  leashes, muzzles, metal & wood gate signs, toys, statues, and other products.

Our coats and collars are sewn using heavy duty industrial sewing machines with strong nylon thread. This is important because home based sewing machines are not designed to sew with strong webbing or industrial quality thread, which can result in a shorter lifespan for the coat or collar.  Our collars are  tested to withstand a high level of tensile pull & wear without ripping out the stitching or compromising the fabrics.

Component parts of our collars include a whisper soft lining, strong inner core webbing and a decorative cover trim fabric. Collar hardware is available in solid brass or chrome metal fittings. Most collars are washable and will not soak-up and absorb unpleasant odors.

Collars are all custom made and non-returnable when placed into production. 



Asian Silk Collars

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Martingale Collars

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 ASIAN SILK COLLARS:  Asian Chinese Silk Dupioni with embedded hand-cut Swarovski crystals change color with dazzling bright intensity under different lighting conditions.  Very opulent rich color tones and bold designs provide outstanding elegance and flair. 

IMPORTANT ORDER INFORMATION >  To confirm YOUR dog's neck measurement; complete data below in the "NOTE" order box, when placing order. 

1. BREED    (Indicate if mixed)             3. WEIGHT      (Approximate)
2. GENDER (Male / Female)                   4. NECK SIZE (Diameter - See Link below)

SIZE & MEASUREMENT CHART: (Live Link) > here:  Collars must be sized correctly to the dog's neck measurement.   Email us for neck sizing questions.

CUSTOM TAILORING:  All Martingale Collars are "Custom Made" and ship within 7 to 14 working days after receipt of order. Reference: "Terms & Conditions".

CONSTRUCTION:  Asian Silks are wrapped over a tough ballistic core webbing for strength. The satin fabric neck lining is non-abrasive to the dog's neck and limits strong doggie odors. Collars are adjustable to different dog neck sizing.

 SWAROVSKI CRYSTALS:  Asian Silk collars are a very rich iridescence silk material changing color with the light. The addition of crystals make an outstanding fashion statement. Swarovski Crystals are individually selected and perfectly seated on each collar for long wear and brilliance.